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Recipes for Candy and Confections

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Divinity After Dinner Peppermint Patties Almond Buttercrunch Candy Almond Joy Fudge Apricot Chewies Bittersweet Chocolate Fudge Bittersweet Chocolate Truffles Bourbon Truffles Butter Creams Butter Fudge Buttery Good Toffee Cabernet Truffles Candied Orange Peel Candy Making Hints and Tips Cherry Cordials Chocolate Butter Toffee with Mixed Nuts Chocolate Caramels Chocolate Covered Coconut Candies Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Filled Cups Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Truffles Chocolate Covered Prunes Chocolate Cranberry Fudge Chocolate Cream Cheese Truffles Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Peel Chocolate Dipped Truffles Chocolate Earl Grey Truffles Chocolate Gianduja Cups Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge Chocolate Marshmallow Slices Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles Chocolate Raspberry Truffles Chocolate-Dipped Caramels Chocolate-Dipped Cherries Chocolate-Pistachio Truffle Squares Classic Southern Pralines Coconut Bon-Bons Cookies & Cream Fudge Cranberry Fudge Cream Cheese Mints Creamy Pistachio Fudge Danish Chocolate Marshmallow Treats (Flødeboller) Diana & Kenny's Maraschino Cherry Rocky Road Fudge Donna's Chocolate-Coconut Almond Bon Bons Donna's Fudge English Toffee Fab Fudge Fudge Ginger Praline Truffles Heavenly Toffee Chip Fudge Homemade Marshmallows Idas Chokladbollars (Chocolate-Coconut Balls) Layered Mint Chocolate Fudge Luscious Truffles Mango-Coconut Balls Marbled Peanut or Walnut Clusters Marzipan Bonbons Mint Divinity New Orleans Pralines Nutty Marshmallows Oreo Candies Peanut Brittle (Microwave) Peanut Butter Fudge Plain Toffee (no chocolate, nuts or flavorings) Pound Cake Truffles Rocky Road Candy Rocky Road Fudge SHE-SHE'S Peanut Butter Balls Shirley's Bon Bons Strawberry-Rum Fudge Balls Swirled Orange Fudge Toasted Almond Caramels Torrone Truffles With Spirit Turkish Delight