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All recipes (except for a few) have photos included with them which I feel always helps when you're looking at a particular recipe but don't always know what it's going to look like after it's made. I myself, have browsed through many sites with great sounding recipes but didn't try so many of them because I had no idea what some of the dishes would look like after being made. I hope using photos helps you out in choosing which recipe you're going to want to try.

At Diana's Desserts, you will find my own recipes and recipes that have been given to me over the years by family and friends. Most of the recipes have been tested either in my own kitchen or kitchens of other home baker's. My webiste also provides a Guest Recipe Book, where guests to the site can submit one or more of their favorite recipes and share them with other guests. I encourage people to submit recipes so we all can enjoy many different types of desserts, beverages and breads from all over the world. I feel that sharing recipes from other countries expands our knowledge of foods in general and helps us also learn about other people's cultures.

There is also a section for Baking Tips and Tools including Conversion Calculators, a Discussion Forum, a free Newsletter that I email out about every other month or so, links to other Interesting Websites and also Cookbooks that I recommend.

I hope you will enjoy my website, as my love of baking and making desserts is something I truly enjoy sharing with others, so sit back with a nice cup of coffee or tea or whatever makes you feel warm and cozy and explore Diana's Desserts to your heart's content.

"As home bakers, we have much to share."
- Diana