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About Diana

My name is Diana Baker Woodall, I was born and raised in the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of San Francisco, California. That in itself, explains why my interest in food, especially baking, desserts, etc. is a big factor in why I've decided to have a website devoted to food, desserts in particular.. Growing up around so many people of different nationalities and ethnic diversities in San Francisco, savoring the many flavors and aromas of the wonderful restaurants and bakeries, gave me the on going interest and love of good food.

My intense interest in baking came at middle age, when I could take the time to do the things in life I really wanted to do. Now, I can bake and cook until my hearts content, which is a real joy.

I now live in Sonoma County, California with my husband and best friend, Kenny. We live here in the wonderful Napa/Sonoma Wine Country with our best friends: our dogs. But, we are only an hour's drive from my "City By The Bay", San Francisco, and go there often to visit friends and family, and to enjoy the wonderful flavors of the city.

My hope for this website is to share my love of baking with other home bakers, a place for them to express their own experiences with baking (desserts, etc.), submitting their own recipes, and having a forum for them to communicate with others with the same interest.

I hope you find enjoyment at DianasDesserts.com, and drop by often.

"As home bakers, we have much to share."
- Diana