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Pillsbury: Fast and Healthy Cookbook 350 Easy Recipes for Every Day

Pillsbury: Fast and Healthy Cookbook
350 Easy Recipes for Every Day
- Here are low-fat recipes from Pillsbury Fast and Healthy magazine; along with tips and techniques, boxes on ingredients, and detailed nutrition analyses. Preparation times are also given, and most recipes take under 30 minutes to prepare.

Since this is the beginning of a new year, I thought this very useful, healthy and fast cookbook by Pillsbury (hasn't everyone heard of Pillsbury?) would encourage most of us to start this new year on a healthy note. Not only is this great cookbook useful for making SCRUMPTIOUS and HEALTHY desserts, but for cooking everyday foods such as salads, stews, chilies, poultry, beef, pork and lamb, fish and other seafood, meatless entrees, side dishes, breads, and even appetizers. In Pillsbury's Fast and Healthy cookbook, there are pages and pages of practical meals to prepare with everyday foods and spices. There is such a variety of foods to choose from, and so many of the recipes are low-fat and low in calories, for those of us who are trying to watch our fat and caloric intake. The cookbook offers us so many healthy and quick and easy recipes with lovely color photographs.

This is a great book for working mother's and for Dad's who often cook for their children and for Mom too, because most of the ingredients in the recipes are ones most of us have already in our cabinets, pantry, freezer or refrigerator, so we don't have to take the time out from our busy schedules to run out to the store for that "special" ingredient. You wil end up spending less time in the kitchen and more quality time with your family. Tasty recipes and extremely easy to make!...........DianasDesserts.com

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